Who wants to live longer, be healthier, and have more money to spend? Everyone.

Is that an impossible wish? The answer is, no. In fact, it is already happening in all other industrialized countries.

They are spending less than the United States on healthcare, and people are living longer and healthier lives.

It’s like Americans are driving rusty old cars and spending more on repairs than it would cost to pay for a brand new Mercedes.

And because our wasteful spending affects business costs, our healthcare system is hurting exports, increasing imports, and reducing economic growth.

Of course, most Americans know all that.

Which is why a large majority of Americans wants to switch to some sort of Medicare for all system.

So why hasn’t it already happened?

Because no one has come up with a simple, non-disruptive transition plan.

Until now.

Our plan, which was inspired by a magical rainbow, is simple and efficient.

Just as a rainbow is born and then grows, the healthcare transition is born and then grows.

Each year, the age of eligibility to move onto Medicare is reduced by one year.

In the first year, the age is dropped from 65 to 64. The next year, from 64 to 63. Then to 62. And so on, until everyone is smoothly and efficiently moved onto Medicare.

Like the rainbow, our plan is smooth, effortless, and efficient.

And because our plan is based on economic efficiency, we call it IntelligentCare.


Join Bill as he looks for deals in consignment and thrift shops in SW Florida. He decided it would be fun to take you along.

Welcome to the Bargain Bill and Friends show, where the man who made a fortune spending more than a billion dollars buying art, antiques, precious metals, jewelry, and collectibles for resale from half a million people all across the country turns his attention to furnishing his own three large condos with bargains from thrift stores, consignment shops, estate sales and auctions in southwest Florida.

Finding great bargains is exciting. It also reduces waste by recycling, supports local businesses and can help some of the best charities do their work.

Thanks for joining us. You can follow our videos and photos of the Bargain Bill And Friends Show on Facebook as well as on our YouTube channel by clicking the links at the bottom of this page!


A note from William Ulrich about the Rainbow Movement:

I tell people I was inspired by rainbows to do good in the world. Which is why our Rainbow Movement stands with those who need a voice and supports projects that provide a better quality of life for those in need. 

Our goals are to promote justice and stop the bullies who are destroying people’s lives. When most people think of bullies, they think of children. But adult bullies can cause far more damage than children, especially to seniors and people with disabilities. So I am asking you to stand with me as we work to pass "Rainbow Laws" to counter the problem of discriminatory and bullying behaviors in housing that affects everyone, but especially the elderly and adults who are incapable of protecting themselves.

The Rainbow Movement has also formulated a policy for a national healthcare plan that transitions people into Medicare over time, thereby avoiding the economic disruption and massive costs of an overnight change. "IntelligentCare" will help the economy by increasing profits, incomes, and economic growth. It will increase exports and decrease imports. It will eliminate bankruptcies caused by excessive healthcare costs. And it will let people make better plans for the future.

I am on a mission to change the world, and the rainbow is guiding me.

Thank you,

William Ulrich


The Rainbow Movement, with founder, Bill Ulrich, was part of a group which welcomed the Chinese delegation from Baise, China to Cape Coral in a cultural and economic development sister city exchange Bill sponsored a breakfast for the delegation, members of the economic development committee for the city as well as important others at the Westin Hotel and he was with them through much of their visit. He is planning to visit Baise soon to further his understanding of the culture, promote friendship and to explore opportunities.


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