My name is William Ulrich, and I have three rainbows pushing me to give America a better health care plan. I also have a fist full of $500 and $1,000 bills I will be sending to at least twenty-five of the most influential people in America. (Photo on right)

For those who don’t know, thousand dollar bills were pulled out of circulation after the Lindbergh kidnapping because the ransom was paid with thousand dollar bills, and the government thought that by pulling the bills out of circulation they might track down the kidnappers. Not surprisingly, the remaining bills are valuable collector items. Of course, my decision to send out these collector items is not to bring attention to myself, but because it’s the best thing I can think of to bring attention to what I believe is a better healthcare option than all the others being offered to the public.


This is a summary. Please click here to view a more detailed breakdown of the healthcare petition plan. 

Who wants to live longer, be healthier, and have more money to spend?


Is that an impossible wish? The answer is, no. In fact, it is already happening in all other industrialized countries.

They are spending less than the United States on healthcare, and people are living longer and healthier lives.

It’s like Americans are driving rusty old cars and spending more on repairs than it would cost to pay for a brand new Mercedes.

And because our wasteful spending affects business costs, our healthcare system is hurting exports, increasing imports, and reducing economic growth.

Of course, most Americans know all that.

Which is why a large majority of Americans want to switch to some sort of Medicare for all system.

So why hasn’t it already happened?

Because no one has come up with a simple, non-disruptive transition plan.

Until now.

Our plan, which was inspired by a series of personal rainbow experiences, is simple and efficient.

Just as a rainbow is formed by reflection and dispersion, the healthcare transition plan has been similarly formed  by reflecting on the important concepts and dispersing the information into a cohesive plan.

Each year, the age of eligibility to move onto Medicare is reduced by one year.

In the first year, the age is dropped from 65 to 64. The next year, from 64 to 63. Then to 62. And so on, until everyone is smoothly and efficiently moved onto Medicare.

With the rainbow as our inspiration, we believe our plan is smooth, efficient and manageable.

And because our plan is based on economic efficiency, we call it IntelligentCare.

More information about our healthcare plan petition coming soon!


Please click here to view a more detailed breakdown of the healthcare petition plan. 


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